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I was going to start a new blog wherein I did product reviews for pretty much anything and everything.  In fact, I've already got it set up at, and I was planning on getting started tonight.  However, the site I was going through in order to find reviews to do has these minimum requirements for blogs who want to do that kind of stuff, and that site doesn't meet a damned one of them.  So instead I tried to use this site.  I have at least 10 posts, which have presumably a minimum of 200 words in each (save for the first one), been active for a minimum of three months (the first post was early May, it's late August now), and searchable on Google, which it is.  Yet, I was rejected for "not meeting the minimum requirements."  So I tried the old blog, - and once again I was rejected.  I'm not sure why, that blog has been around forever and easily meets the minimums.  Oh well, I guess I'll try to go a different route.  Meanwhile, I'm down with reviewing anything anybody wants to send my way, and I will certainly post it on the new blog linked here earlier.

UPDATE:  I'm now able to use the site I was trying to sign up with via an old blog that didn't exactly make the minimum requirements -

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 9:58 am
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