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Two things need to be said (ARCHIVE POST)

First of all, FUCK Terrell Owens, and FUCK the Buffalo Bills.  I hate stupid fucks like Terrell Owens who don't give a fuck about team loyalty.  T.O. was playing for the Niners, then refused to play the next season unless he was traded.  He got his wish and was traded to the Baltimore Ravens, whom he subsequently refused to play for.  The little crybaby bitch finally got his way and wound up in Philadelpiha.  I mean no offense to the Eagles fans that I know, but nothing made me happier than seeing the Eagles finally make the Super Bowl after failing in the NFC Championship for four straight years, just to choke and see Owens prove to be the worthless player he is.  Now he's on my hometown Bills, who I haven't given a crap about in a decade and a half - when I was twelve.  Guess who could care less but will hear more about it than 95% of NFL fans?  Yeah.  Fuck Owens and the Bills.

The second item here is that Rush Limbaugh needs to change his fucking name.  I don't care about this fuck, but he's all over the front page, and I take a second look every time thinking that they're talking about the band Rush.  If anything, submitters to digg need to use the traditional means of using the last name (or surname, if you speak proper English) in the article titles.  If I saw something along the lines of "Limbaugh is at it again," I'd know to ignore it and move on - but when I see "Rush is at it again," I stop for a second to read the summary because I think Geddy Lee is up to something.  Fuck Rush Limbaugh.

Thanks for listening!

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 1:30 am
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