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Resolution is my name

Here are my resolutions for 2012.

1.)  Anytime I get cash (a very rare occurrence, since I use my debit card for everything), I'm going to put it away and forget about it.  Hopefully, I won't forget that I want to do this.  See, the problem with me having cash is that I like to hit up the vending machines at work when I do.  I've been sitting on $45 for a little over a week and have refused to allow myself to do so.  I just need to find a decent, secure place for money at home.

2.)  Drop this beer gut.  I blame my old thinksobrain bandmates for this.  The logic that Lucifer Raine used ("beer isn't supposed to taste good!") got me to drink with him and the rest of the guys, and I put on weight.  I've been trying to drop this weight recently, but always wind up stalling out on my exercise routine and eating, thus gaining more weight that I eventually have to lose.  Back to work on this resolution tomorrow.

3.)  Get back on stage.  I will leave this to the most vague interpretation possible.  Whether this means starting a new band, doing a new thinksobrain with an entirely new lineup, or playing in the local production of Hamlet, I want to return to the stage this year.  And I'm dragging one of my best friends, former thinksobrain bassist Dan Godding with me whether he likes it or not.

Thanks for reading.  Back to uploading music to Google Music!

UPDATE:  I'm adding one more thing:  figure out why the hell the keyword function on this blog isn't working! 

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