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It's been a while (ARCHIVE POST)

I’ve been gone from this site for a while, working on various projects, including a Buffalo Sabres fan page.  A cool thing about the site is that, much like I did with, I used some of the built-in functionality of WordPress to add something unique to it.

This time around, I used WordPress’s “show_count” function to essentially turn the category list in the sidebar into a real-time goal counter.  However, I ran into a problem when working on the functionality.

Essentially, the way I display my links in my sidebar in that site, much like the sidebar in this site, caused the default setup of WordPress to display the counts under the links to the categories.   It wasn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, so I ventured to find a way to get them on the same line.  Rather than post the code here and take credit for it, here’s the link where I found the code to set it up the way I wanted it.

Sorry for the real BS post, this is actually more of a reminder to myself, since upgrading to the latest version of WordPress pretty much nullified the work I had done before and I had to re-do it.

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 4:53 am
Category: Web Design
Keywords: wordpress, rsquo, text, sidebar, category, align, essentially, display, links, functionality