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It's alive!

I found myself a new project to work on.  I decided to work on putting together streaming audio for BWFRadio without using services that want to charge me for full functionality or want to put ads in my show at random times.  I'm sure it's frustrating for my listeners to have ads pop up in mid sentence during the live broadcasts of the show.

Well, I'm making progress on that.  And this post being here is proof of that.  You see, as of this morning, ThinkSoJoE's Thoughts is hosted on a Virtual Private Server.  Normally, these things are expensive, but I found one that's about half the cost of what I'm paying for a public server at my current hosting company, and fits my current needs.  Best part is, as the sites grow, it's scalable, meaning I can expand my server's capabilities as need be.  And the kicker?  I've already got the live audio thing set up.  All that's really left for that project is some sprucing up, and soon enough it'll be ready to go live, and I can get the hell off of UStream and say goodbye to ads - unless I'm making money off of them.  The rest of the project is going to be getting all of the websites over to this server.  I thought it was just going to be a couple lines of code here or there to get them going - but as it turns out, it's slightly more complicated than that.  Of course, as I pointed out in the last post, this site is made entirely from scratch, so the other ones that are based on WordPress should be a much smoother transition.

In any event, I've got a lot more work ahead of me in getting everything perfectly running here, so I'd better get back to it.  Plus I need to figure out why this thing doesn't post to Twitter anymore.

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 5:44 am
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