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I'm Ba-ack!

Earlier this year I let several of my domain names expire.  These included the Fropac Productions website, the thinksobrain website (both of which were picked up by squatters who will no doubt try to charge me 10 times what I would have paid for them had I actually just renewed them), and  I wasn't promoting anything, really, so there didn't seem to be a reason for me to have a website when I already have a Facebook and a Twitter.  Then I started drawing.

It was a few months ago when my wife (who also has a new website opening soon) found me a book titled "Cartooning With The Simpsons." I figured, since I have a book about how to draw my favorite cartoon characters, I might as well buy some colored pencils and a sketchpad, and with that, my obsession with drawing old cartoon characters was born.  Since then, I've not only drawn a lot of my favorite characters and colored them in colored pencil, I've also done a set of Animaniacs water color paintings (sadly, no Pinky and the Brain yet).  I've also purchased a book on how to paint watercolor landscapes.  In other words, I'm really trying to learn how to be an actual artist, not just a digital one.

I figured that once I start doing some original works, it would be nice to have a good place to display them, wouldn't it?  So, no art here yet, but when I get confident enough to start working on my own stuff, you'll start seeing it here.

Welcome back to ThinkSoJoE's Thoughts, my friends.  I'm back, and I don't plan on leaving again any time soon.

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 3:25 pm
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