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I like it

I like the new site design.  Well, for the most part.  I'm still not a huge fan of the sidebar, I think I could probably do more with it.  The fact of the matter is, I hate designing sidebars because when I do, they come off as an afterthought, because most of the time they usually are.  I don't really have a lot to put over there.  I opted to use one in this design for the sheer fact that I have outside projects that this blog alludes to on a regular basis and I felt as though I should have links to them prominently displayed.  So, sidebar.  It's a big gray box floating over my main content area.  Oh well.  Maybe eventually I'll figure something better out, but for now it is what it is.

The other thing I'm going to eventually work on is completely overhauling the stuff you guys don't see, the administrative area where I control most aspects of the site.  I built this a long time ago, and while it's still a perfectly functional system, I think there's a few things I could change around.  For example, I'm using an extremely outdated version of my visual text editor.  I never upgraded because I customized this one and didn't want to go through the hassle of figuring out how to do all that again.  The other problem that I've had since I built the system but never bothered fixing is that when I make a post, it returns an error.  I don't worry about it because I know the post is going to go through.  I don't even remember what I actually intended it to do when I hit "submit."

For now though, I'm going to sit back and enjoy the new look of the site, and consider the fact that it's way better than the previous design a victory.  Hope you guys like it!

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 7:00 am
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