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This is a quick listing of the gear that I currently have/use.  This page will become more detailed in the future.

Fender Squire Strat:  Black with white pickguard, my first real guitar, which is covered in stickers.  This guitar was brought to several early thinksobrain shows but was only officially used once, after I broke a string at the "Party on the Porch" we held in 2006 for (former thinksobrain bassist) Dan's birthday.

OLP Officially Licensed "Orange County Choppers" guitar:  Bought on the cheap when the local Media Play store went out of business, this became my main guitar for years.  It now has a custom paint job, red with black flames and a black "King of Chaos" skull.

ESP LTD M-50 guitar:  Flat black.  One of my most expensive eBay purchases ever.  Replaced the OLP guitar as my main stage guitar upon thinksobrain reforming in 2010.

Brownsville Choirboy 210 amp:  Acquired in a trade for an Ibanez ToneBlaster half stack, this amp is likely the rarest item in my entire collection.

BOSS Metal Zone Distortion:  The first analog pedal I purchased after deciding to drop programmable pedals from my rotation (when my old one died).

Fender tuning pedal:  With a bright LED display, in case I have to play any outdoor shows.  My old programmable pedal was nearly impossible to read in the sunlight.

Dunlop Crybaby Wah:  Was essentially used exclusively for "Burning The Bush."  Barely gets taken out of my gig bag anymore.

Zoom 505 Multi-Effects Pedal:  Has found it's way out of my gig bag and back into my rig lately.  

Ernie Ball strings:  Preferably, if I can get my hands on them, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings.

InTuneGP GrippX-X Guitar Picks (custom):  I'm still using the old thinksobrain "cross" logo guitar picks.  Need to get new picks when I get a new project going.  Get your own custom picks at!