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Catch 22

So, I'm sitting here in the studio, having just listened to Colt Cabana's latest podcast, and he mentions a site that "knows how to match a podcast with a podcast-friendly advertiser."  Well, that's actually awesome, because at the moment we're on Fiverr trying to sell 30 second spots for the Bored Wrestling Fan podcast for the low, low price of $5.  So I go to this website that Colt mentioned, and I try to sign up, only to find that the "register" button is broken and only redirects me back to the top of the page I'm already on.  So now, my option is to e-mail them, right?

I honestly didn't want to e-mail them.  The inevitable question of how many listeners the show gets every week is going to come up.  Well, let's just say that number doesn't quite match our number of Twitter followers.  Our best number in November was 101.  Just over one hundred listeners for an episode.  The site does 10,000 unique viewers a month, but the podcast, which is really the only thing going on aside from opinion pieces nowadays over there is only getting 100 downloads per episode.  And we're expecting advertisers to want to give us money to plug their products and services?  

Here's the thing.  We don't need advertisers to keep the show at the level it's at.  We pay $10 per month and that gets us more than enough to keep the show up and running.  What I want to do, aside from offsetting the cost of the server, is get money so that we can advertise.  If we can put money into advertising our show, we could gain more listeners, and in turn gain bigger sponsors.  There are hundreds of millions of wrestling fans out there just like us on our show, and I truly feel we have a great show that people could get into if they were more aware of our existence.

So now there's the guy out there reading this for whatever reason, and he's saying to himself, "well, you gotta spend money to make money."  That's the old adage, right?  But for a guy who works a regular job, has a family, has bills to pay, and is already struggling to keep food on his table and a roof over his head, where's the money coming from to buy ads for his podcast he started a few years ago just for the sake of BSing with his friends about a common interest?

My ultimate goal is to take this podcast (and some of my other projects) to a level where I can make decent money for all involved, at least to a point where we can take a day off from our real jobs once in a while and say "I can do this, I've got podcasting money coming in."  Ad revenue is a start - if we can get there.  Meanwhile, if anybody knows someone who wants to get as many eyes on their product as possible and wants to throw us five bucks, tell them we're looking!

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 5:38 am
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