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Holy crap!  I've been hit with a ton of spam in my comments section as of late.  Apparently, somebody sees my site as a good place to sell pre-done homework.  Not sure why, I'm a college dropout.

Anyways, I've been completely slacking in every single one of my resolutions that I posted last month.  Haven't lost weight, I credit that to being sick for most of the month.  Haven't saved money.  I credit that to the world hating me and not wanting me to have money saved.   Haven't gotten back on stage - laziness.  And I haven't looked into the keyword thing on this site to see why it's not working.  Again, laziness.

I have, however, put preventative measures in place to stop the recent influx of spam on the site.  I've installed IntenseDebate, which many of you may notice is the same system in place on the BoredWrestlingFan family of sites.  I do want to post a rant soon, so I'll probably get on that keyword problem soon.  But yeah, that's my status update. 

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Resolution is my name

Here are my resolutions for 2012.

1.)  Anytime I get cash (a very rare occurrence, since I use my debit card for everything), I'm going to put it away and forget about it.  Hopefully, I won't forget that I want to do this.  See, the problem with me having cash is that I like to hit up the vending machines at work when I do.  I've been sitting on $45 for a little over a week and have refused to allow myself to do so.  I just need to find a decent, secure place for money at home.

2.)  Drop this beer gut.  I blame my old thinksobrain bandmates for this.  The logic that Lucifer Raine used ("beer isn't supposed to taste good!") got me to drink with him and the rest of the guys, and I put on weight.  I've been trying to drop this weight recently, but always wind up stalling out on my exercise routine and eating, thus gaining more weight that I eventually have to lose.  Back to work on this resolution tomorrow.

3.)  Get back on stage.  I will leave this to the most vague interpretation possible.  Whether this means starting a new band, doing a new thinksobrain with an entirely new lineup, or playing in the local production of Hamlet, I want to return to the stage this year.  And I'm dragging one of my best friends, former thinksobrain bassist Dan Godding with me whether he likes it or not.

Thanks for reading.  Back to uploading music to Google Music!

UPDATE:  I'm adding one more thing:  figure out why the hell the keyword function on this blog isn't working! 

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Feelin' Uninspired 2

I was thinking of trying to come up with a clever subtitle or tagline or whatever.   You know, like "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."  Sadly, I couldn't come up with one.  I'm that uninspired.  I'm looking for SOMETHING to do.  I mean, I've got a project on the table right now but I'm not feeling anything I've done so far (though one of the clients likes what he's seen).

I'm just not feeling creative, I guess.  I haven't really felt inspired to do anything since I finished this design of this website.  I got it right, tweaked a few things, and now I'm sitting back and wondering, "now what?"  Any ideas, anybody?

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King of Chaos

The idea popped in my head the other day to blog about the thinksobrain song "King of Chaos."  There's more to that song than what most people have heard and I think it deserves to have it's full story told.

"Chaos" was the second song we ever wrote.  Or maybe it was the third.   I know "Burning The Bush" was the first, and either "Chaos" or "Fucked Up" was the second.  Anyway, here's the story.  I never meant the song to be a political statement - it certainly has a ton of political overtones but that was never the intent.  It was never meant to be a slower song either.  The original idea I had when I first scrawled the lyrics "Through fire and chaos, it's all crashing down," was that I wanted to write an Iron Maiden or Judas Priest type of song.  We were sitting around and Lucifer started playing the riff that became "King of Chaos."  I thought about the lyrics I had written down, and ran upstairs to grab my notebook.  I wrote the rest of the song within a half hour, and the song was born.  I say "born," because the song took a life of it's own and grew up.

The version you hear on the thinksobrain MySpace or Reverbnation pages is the song the way it was written - but not originally performed.  In the studio, John Helms pushed me to the brink of my physical vocal abilities to give the song it's distinct sound.  The "KING OF CHAOS" chant in the chorus was also Johnny's idea.  He felt the song was missing something in that area and suggested screaming the name of the song between lines.  There have been many a night where "KING OF CHAOS" was the last line I sung during a show.  But this still wasn't the final evolution.

In the early days, we covered the Garth Brooks song "The Thunder Rolls."  Something unique to that song is that it had a verse that wasn't on the album, but was always performed live.  We did that with "Chaos."  The bonus verse detailed the King of Chaos losing his power much in the same way he attained it - he was killed.  In a scary story like ending, the verse ended with you being able to still hear the King sing the chorus of the song.

And it still wasn't done.  It was never performed, but it was there, and we were set to play it for the first time had we played the Halloween show with Into Your Own last year.  We had a prelude to the King of Chaos' uprising.  This was it:

I was a slave to the almighty king,
rush to his side at his beckoning.
Trusted and loyal at least in his eyes,
while deep down inside, rebellion would rise.
(He said) "Slaughter the chickens, plow all the fields,
Sample for poison in all of my meals.
Protect this crown, guard it with your life."
I just had enough, I reached for my knife...

As I mentioned earlier, we were set to unveil this at the 2010 Halloween show we wound up canceling when the band split up.  We even had a stage show surround it planned out.  Our sound guy was going to play the old king, I, in a skull mask, was going to "kill" him during the song and take his crown, thus becoming the King of Chaos.  Then I would probably be "killed" at the end of the song.  Sadly, we never got to do that.

"Chaos" was one of thinksobrain's three "signature songs" as I liked to call them.  The other two were "Burning The Bush," and the song that eventually took over as the show-closing song, "This Isn't Hollywood."  Will "Chaos" ever get dusted off and performed again?  Not the most likely of possibilities, but I wouldn't say "never."  Time will always tell.

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I like it

I like the new site design.  Well, for the most part.  I'm still not a huge fan of the sidebar, I think I could probably do more with it.  The fact of the matter is, I hate designing sidebars because when I do, they come off as an afterthought, because most of the time they usually are.  I don't really have a lot to put over there.  I opted to use one in this design for the sheer fact that I have outside projects that this blog alludes to on a regular basis and I felt as though I should have links to them prominently displayed.  So, sidebar.  It's a big gray box floating over my main content area.  Oh well.  Maybe eventually I'll figure something better out, but for now it is what it is.

The other thing I'm going to eventually work on is completely overhauling the stuff you guys don't see, the administrative area where I control most aspects of the site.  I built this a long time ago, and while it's still a perfectly functional system, I think there's a few things I could change around.  For example, I'm using an extremely outdated version of my visual text editor.  I never upgraded because I customized this one and didn't want to go through the hassle of figuring out how to do all that again.  The other problem that I've had since I built the system but never bothered fixing is that when I make a post, it returns an error.  I don't worry about it because I know the post is going to go through.  I don't even remember what I actually intended it to do when I hit "submit."

For now though, I'm going to sit back and enjoy the new look of the site, and consider the fact that it's way better than the previous design a victory.  Hope you guys like it!

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