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Another success!

I've successfully moved another site to the new server.  This time I moved over - a site that has a subdomain, and e-mail set up through Google instead of locally.  So I needed to make sure I could get those set up and working properly - and I almost didn't.  I forgot to set the IP address for the main site!  D'oh!  Oh well, it's all working now.  That means I can start getting those Wordpress sites moved... 

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It's alive!

I found myself a new project to work on.  I decided to work on putting together streaming audio for BWFRadio without using services that want to charge me for full functionality or want to put ads in my show at random times.  I'm sure it's frustrating for my listeners to have ads pop up in mid sentence during the live broadcasts of the show.

Well, I'm making progress on that.  And this post being here is proof of that.  You see, as of this morning, ThinkSoJoE's Thoughts is hosted on a Virtual Private Server.  Normally, these things are expensive, but I found one that's about half the cost of what I'm paying for a public server at my current hosting company, and fits my current needs.  Best part is, as the sites grow, it's scalable, meaning I can expand my server's capabilities as need be.  And the kicker?  I've already got the live audio thing set up.  All that's really left for that project is some sprucing up, and soon enough it'll be ready to go live, and I can get the hell off of UStream and say goodbye to ads - unless I'm making money off of them.  The rest of the project is going to be getting all of the websites over to this server.  I thought it was just going to be a couple lines of code here or there to get them going - but as it turns out, it's slightly more complicated than that.  Of course, as I pointed out in the last post, this site is made entirely from scratch, so the other ones that are based on WordPress should be a much smoother transition.

In any event, I've got a lot more work ahead of me in getting everything perfectly running here, so I'd better get back to it.  Plus I need to figure out why this thing doesn't post to Twitter anymore.

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My yearly blog entry, I guess...

 Wow.  So, the last post here was back in March of 2013.  So it's January of 2014, and I guess I just kind of stopped posting here, since I'm on Twitter and Facebook and post there all the time.  Well, the official Twitter anyway, if not the official Facebook page.  So what's been up?

I guess that EP I announced in the last post has been pretty much given up on and forgotten about, mostly due to time constraints with the people involved (including me).  I've really come a long way with, getting our podcast onto iTunes and Stitcher, scoring interviews with names such as Diamond Dallas Page and Shark Boy.  My staff over at have been doing awesome work at keeping that site going, and I've quietly retired some other projects, including the long running stupid5pin sites.

I joined a gym last year, back in August.  I worked out with my personal trainer, Mike, who was awesome. I even made a Tumblr page dedicated to my weight loss journey.  But in December, my locally owned and operated gym sold out to LA Fitness, and I made the decision to leave the gym.  Helping make that decision easier was my interview with Diamond Dallas Page.  I was intrigued by the conviction he spoke with as he described his workout system, DDPYoga.  So Jorge and I split the cost of it, and since then I've been working out at home, with some of the most intense workouts I've ever had, including the sessions I did with Mike at the gym.

Musically, I'm still in the same boat I've been in.  Kind of kicking back and watching until the time comes when I'm ready to get back on the stage.  Which is why I started working out in the first place - I want to look and feel good on stage when I come back. 

I'm really hoping I don't only make this blog a once-a-year thing, considering how much work I put into creating it.  The entire thing is created from scratch, including the backend stuff where I manage everything, so it's a shame for me to let it go to waste.  Maybe I'll get inspired to use this same system on a future project - but that's probably a ways down the line.  Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to post something here for once.  Stay tuned, I'll be around more, I hope!

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New EP in the works

 It's been a while since I've posted on, so I figure the first post back should be a good one.  So, I'm officially announcing right here on my official site that Lost Elysium guitarist Brian Lee Muller and I are planning to record an EP of acoustic covers of 1950's Rock & Roll songs.  Brian is picking two songs, I'm picking two songs, and we're going to let you, the fans, vote on the 5th song.

The first two songs have officially been chosen, and they are Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues," and Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven."  Stay tuned to my official Facebook page for the other two song selections, and details on how you can help choose the 5th song.

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No pandering

I'm a public figure, of sorts, so of course I plug my twitter and facebook pages on a regular basis.  One thing I don't do, however, is pander to celebrities to follow me, retweet me, or anything else.  Yet over the past three days, I've been favorited, replied to, and followed by both a WWE Superstar and a major label recording artist.

I always laugh when I see people begging celebs for a retweet on Twitter.  Some of them will come up with stories in hopes to sway the celeb into retweeting them, others will just tweet, "Hey, @celebrity, can I get a RT?"  Surprisingly, this actually works with a few of them, which is why I know about this phenomenon.  Hulk Hogan is a notorious retweeter, but I've gotten replies from the guy just by asking how he's doing, or talking with others about the time I met him in 2002.  If any of the thousands of projects I try my hand at take off, I doubt I'd retweet anyone unless I genuinely like their tweet (with the exception being if it's for a good cause).

So how did I wind up with a WWE Superstar and a national recording artist following me on Twitter?  By calling them out, surprisingly.

The WWE Superstar in question is Tyson Kidd.  When WWE was in Buffalo about a month ago, Tyson was on their new kid's show, Saturday Morning Slam.  I got a screen grab of Tyson leaving me hanging as I'm reaching for a high-five, and I called him out on it on Twitter.  "My bad, I'll get ya next time," Kidd says.  I told him I'd hold him to that - and next thing I know he's following me on Twitter.

The band in question is New Years Day.  Ash Costello (the singer) and Russell Dixon (the drummer) walked into my hotel yesterday morning.  Me, being clueless as to who they were at the time, cut them a break on my usual early check-in fee, thinking they were some indy band trying to get their name out there.  Come to find out, they've been around for quite a while, and have nearly 43,000 fans on Facebook.  Last night, I got a noise complaint from an elderly lady who happened to have been put next door to them.  After I called them to tell them to knock it off, I found them on twitter to joke about having to tell them to be quiet.  They tweeted back that they were sorry for partying and then followed me.

No pandering.  Just friendly conversation.

FWIW, New Years Day has a new EP available, called The Mechanical Heart.  Check it out!

Posted by ThinkSoJoE on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 10:54 am
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